Happy Birthday Caroline!

My baby sister is growing up!  Caroline, you know you will always be 8 to me.  This is your last year as a teenager...  so stay out of trouble!!  Just kidding.

Well Chelonia is finally over!!  I will post up pictures as soon as we have access to them.  It was a CRAZY few weeks preparing for the show, we had tech rehearsals and dress rehearsals and every kind of rehearsal you can think of.  And then we had performances Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There was a good turn out, the shows went well, the audiences loved it...  so it was all worth it.
The head of the dance department (who is also my advisor and my boss) told us before the last show that she had realized the previous night that she had seen twenty Chelonias since she started working at Beloit, and that this was the best she had seen so far.  None of the dancers could remember her ever saying something like that before, and I've never heard Chris say something she didn't mean.  So that was nice to hear.  She also told me after the first show that her mom came and turned to Chris after the piece I choreographed and told her that she had very talented choreographers :)  So the show went well!  The favorite was DEFINITELY the last piece in the show which my professor Gina choreographed.  It was a Tina Turner lip-synching piece, three songs (If I can't be first, Driftin', and then of course ending with Proud Mary) and 11 dancers (male and female) dressed up as Tina heels and all.  It was a good show alright.

And then the Packers beat the Steelers...  what a good weekend for Wisconsin.  Our proximity to Chicago meant that there were a LOT of Bears fans still salty from their loss against the Packers the previous week so it was an emotional game hahaha...  football.  But it was VERY fun to sit down, eat food, drink cold beer and watch my friends freak out over the game after all the dance performances.  And I sort of understand football now, after trying to figure it out for the last 21 years...

I don't have any pictures to post up yet with my new camera because the memory card I use with it is busy right now...  We just finished making films with the middle school students I work with for the International Film Festival that happens in Beloit every February and I needed to use my card for the movie.  My group went to Old Fashioned Bakery to show off their favorite cupcakes and donuts in Beloit and interview the employees there- it was super cute, except that when we got there Ashanti was the only one who would talk on camera...  Cyn'Arah was the only other one who would stand in front of the camera (and would do so looking bored with her arms crossed- you know, playing it cool).  Haha oh well it was funny.  But when the films are finished being made I will get some pictures up here!  I wish I had had it a week ago during that snowstorm.

Anyway, now that dance is a a lull I need to stop pretending that I don't have homework...  Love and miss you family!  Caroline, this is your day sister...  You're the sweetest thing.

Here are some photos from my housemate Claire:

Here are all the Tinas after our last performance!

This is our house this semester dressed up for the party with the art faculty last weekend.

This is the Pontormo painting we dressed up as...  Not too bad for table cloths bought at the grocery store earlier that day eh?  hahaha just kidding

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  1. wow, what a success chelonia was!! well ms. dancer, choreographer, tina rocker, pontormo impersonator, fab sis, fabber daughter ("b"s not "t"s!!!)...you are simply devine.
    sooo proud.

    glad you could relax and see the game. Yea cheeseheads, i mean packers!

    love, m