This is for my family...

Wahoo so cool I have a blog now.  I'm not great at keeping in touch and dad gave me a digital camera (the Kodak EasyShare...  think that was a hint?), so I thought maybe this would be a good route.  Plus Ali just started a blog so I was a little jealous that she was getting so sophisticated :)

Anyway, thanks everyone for all the birthday love, it was a great one.  Ali woke me up in the morning with a call from South Africa and started the day off right.  The Art Department came over in the evening for a get together with the professors and everyone dressed up as their favorite work of art...  it was pretty hilarious, I will try and get my hands on some photos to post up here.  

Alright I will cut off the rambling until I take some photos.  

Some house members on halloween- My roommate Marissa and I were foosball players.

Here's a logo I am working on right now in my graphic design class:

(It's a work in progress...)

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  1. Very cool Ms. LKF Blogger. Looking forward to more! ox m