it was summer of big fires...

 “Joan Murray [Alexander teacher] often says to me, in terms of poise, ‘It’s not about holding onto it, it’s about getting back to it when you fall off of it.’  It’s the capacity to realize ‘Oh, I’m off,’ and gently bring yourself back to a sense of more poise and balance.  To me, that is a metaphor for life, really, because any kind of holding onto a way of being in a world that’s constantly changing is doomed to failure.  And it will wear out your psyche and your physiology.  In other words, if you’re constantly holding yourself a certain way to relate to the world, even if that worked for a little while, over time, you just wear yourself out.  I find that it works much better for me to have a multitude of coping strategies for stress and living.”
-Chris Aiken


YOLOnia 2012

Beloit, you've changed a lot of things about me- ability to dance, dislike of Rihanna, desire to be a grownup, etc.  This last show was a lovely way to leave things...

From "French Toast in Paradise" choreographed by the one and only Marissa Hutton 

It's been too much fun!  Thank you for everything!


finishing up the last paper of the semester...

Questions are important because the way we manage problems begins with how we 
express the problem in questions.”  -Drid Williams

"What the investigation of a piece like Radha can provide is an example of the necessity of unraveling the multiple strains of ideological meaning that are present in any work of performance and that are variously activated in specific viewing situations.  For instance, similar doublings of race, exotica, and sexuality are played out in Josephine Baker’s famous “banana dance.”  As a black woman, however, her construction as “exotic” never played as successfully in North America as in Europe.

As we reconsider the canon of dance history and integrate it with gender studies, it is not enough to ask how St. Denis conceived of her work, or how it relates to the dance history that precedes and follows it.  Nor is it enough to ask how St. Denis’s work reflected the changing roles of women in her day, or to note stylistic similarities between dance and other types of artistic products in the same historical period.  All of these investigations produce valuable information and should not be ignored.  But as scholars we must also look more deeply at the mechanisms of meaning on which the performance hinges and investigate the role of live display of the female body in activating those mechanisms...  Only by more fully comprehending the production of ideology in every sphere of social construction, including the female body in performance, can we begin to sever the invisible links that bind racism, sexism, and cultural imperialism so tightly together."

 -Jane Desmond from her article "Dancing Out the Difference: Cultural Imperialism and Ruth St. Denis's Radha of 1906" 


my friends apartment

my friends jack and jade hosted a small art gallery show/ dance performance in their apartment last weekend with artworks created by students on campus.  it was super fun- here are some photos!



Happy Birthday Caroline!

My baby sister is growing up!  Caroline, you know you will always be 8 to me.  This is your last year as a teenager...  so stay out of trouble!!  Just kidding.

Well Chelonia is finally over!!  I will post up pictures as soon as we have access to them.  It was a CRAZY few weeks preparing for the show, we had tech rehearsals and dress rehearsals and every kind of rehearsal you can think of.  And then we had performances Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There was a good turn out, the shows went well, the audiences loved it...  so it was all worth it.